Adobe Creative Suite License Agreement

Activation 14.3. For the software, it may be necessary for the customer to (a) receive an Adobe ID, (b) activate or reactivate the software, c) register the software, or (d) validate the membership. Such a requirement may cause the client`s computer to regularly connect to the Internet during installation, startup, and follow-up. Once the connection is established, the software collects and transmits information to Adobe, as further described in (“Activation Terms”). The software or customer may also receive information from Adobe regarding the customer`s license, subscription, or membership. Adobe may use this information to detect or prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use that is not compatible with a valid license, subscription, or subscription. Failure to activate or register the software, validate subscription or membership, or determine fraudulent or unauthorized use of the software by Adobe may result in a limitation of functionality, inability to operate the software, or termination or suspension of subscription or membership. 2.3 Content Files. Unless otherwise specified in the “Read-Me” files, documentation or other licenses associated with the content files, the customer may use, display, modify, reproduce and distribute all the content files.

However, the customer may not distribute the content files autonomously (i.e. when the content files constitute the main value of the distributed product) and the customer may not claim trademark rights on the content files or derivative works thereof. Nothing is mentioned therein with respect to the ownership of the software referred to in Section 3. 16.1.1 This Agreement does not affect the legal rights of any Party, including those acting as consumers. For New Zealand consumers who purchase the software for personal, domestic or household use (not for commercial purposes), this agreement is for example subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act. If the software was developed for use with application software published by Adobe (the “Host Application”), Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to use that software only with the host application, provided that you hold a valid license from Adobe for the host application. Except as provided below, this software will be granted to you in accordance with the terms of Adobe`s license agreement, which governs your use of the host application. If the customer is a consumer who uses the software only for personal and non-commercial purposes, this agreement is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the customer acquired the license to use the software….

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