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Agreement Of Undivided Share

Thank you for writing to us. The apartment is located on the undivided part of the land. It is therefore not possible to sell the apartment alone. Yes, he should be here. If it is transferred to the company, then it is only your that you will be a divider in society! In the case of the co-operative housing company, you will receive a certificate of shares that will have the number of shares you hold in the co-operative housing company. This is equal to your percentage in the area of the apartment or house. The sum of all the owners must correspond to the size of the land. Also be aware that the undivided share of land will be proportional to your land. Most owners provide you with a copy of an agreement (a model of agreement) after booking the apartment (by paying for a jekenbetrag). If your contractor is so reluctant to give you documents like this, then it is certain that the decision to go with this contractor was wrong 🙂 Although I will also consult my lawyer for the copy of the agreement, but I wanted to know if the report from SBA (1640sqft) to UDS (640sqft) is OK. (a) In this particular case, all parties who own the UDS of land must be included in the initial agreement and transport file (confirmed by the bank and real estate lawyer).

The legal involvement of an undivided part of the land makes it an essential element of a real estate agreement. Suppose the building in which you reside is either demolished for reconstruction ten years later, or covered by a government acquisition project and made available for demolition, the owner`s compensation depends on the percentage of the un distributed share of the land in the property. I`m buying an apartment from the owner. The joint development contract between the owner and the landowners is registered, but the sharing agreement between the parties is not registered. It is done on one point. 200 stamp papers before the notary. That is why my lawyer insists that the directors of a construction company or a registered GPA be called as witnesses to the agreement and the deed of sale. The landowner says the directors have authorized an official on their side to be part of all sales parties as one of the parties, in a decision of the board of directors and the directors do not need to sign an agreement since it is a limited company.

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