Score Sheet Builder Tutorial

The Guarachi Wine Partners website has simplified the way for our distributors and sales team to create custom-made Wine Score Sheets. It’s as simple as adding them to your cart and hitting print.

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1: Browse through our collection of wines available from TGIC Importers
2: Select any wines that you wish to add to your score sheet by clicking on the blue “Add to Score Sheet” button


3: Once you’re happy with the wines that you’ve selected, click on the “Document” button at the top of the page


4. On the score sheet page, you can remove any wines that you want by clicking on the “Remove Button

5. You can print 4 scores on a single sheet by clicking the “Print 4 Wines Score Sheet” button at the top of the screen


6. You can print a single score on a single sheet by clicking on the “Print Single Score” button


7. For the best results please make sure that you have print “Background colors and images” and not “Headers and footers





For additional help please visit:

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