Electronic Communication Agreement

It is your responsibility to update your primary email address to allow PayPal communicate electronically with you. If PayPal sends you an email message but you don`t receive it because your primary email address is wrong, outdated, blocked by your service provider, or you can`t receive other email communications, it`s presumed that PayPal you provided the message. To approve this Electronic Communications Agreement and receive communications and communications from us in electronic form, you must provide us with a valid and functional email address. You agree that we may use the “primary” email address you have provided to us to use your PEX account (“Service Email Address”). You can change your service email address by entering the new address in your PEX account profile settings, following current procedures, or speaking to an after-sales manager by calling 1-866-685-1898. You agree that the email address you specify as the service email address is at all times a valid and functional email address and that you make available to us a new email address that you will use as the service email address if you stop using the email address previously designated as the service email address. learn that it no longer works properly or that it can no longer access it. If you specify more than one email address in your PEX account profile settings, we will consider the email address you set as “primary” as a service email address. We may also send account messages to a non-primary email address at our discretion if you have provided one. If the service email address is, at any time, an email address shared with another natural or legal person, you agree that all account messages sent to that email address will be received as you are, even if another person receives them, will not notify you or delete you.

You agree to direct anyone who shares or has access to the service email address to immediately tell you about account messages sent to Servicecing`s email address. or (2) Your PEX Account is terminated by you or us. If you withdraw your consent to receive account messages electronically, your PEX account and, if applicable, all related PEX card accounts will be closed. . . .

Please direct requests and inquiries to Rhiannon Richards - Sr. PR & Communications Manager, 22837 Ventura Blvd, 3rd Floor, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 or call 818-225-5100 ext 249 or

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