Behind every success is a story of struggle. In 1985, founder Alex Guarachi came to the United States from Chile on a soccer scholarship. When an injury shattered his athletic dreams, he went back to his roots for inspiration on what to do next. While living in the backyard of Napa Valley and Sonoma County – where South American wines had been unknown – Alex saw an opportunity to educate the American consumer on the great wines from his native country. Acting as salesman, warehouse manager and truck driver, he eventually built his company into a leading importer, marketer and producer of fine wines.

Over the years, Guarachi Wine Partners has amassed a number of outstanding achievements such as numerous Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards, Wine Spectator Top 100s and an Impact ‘Hot Brand” award.  We have also had sales success as the #1 Importer of South American wines above $10 in the U.S., according to Nielsen. Today, Guarachi Wine Partners represents brands across the globe as we continue forging the next chapter in our fine wine history.

We would like to honor our roots in the same way Alex Guarachi did in 1985 – by paving the way for South American winemakers to uncover gems hidden within some of the New World’s oldest vines. U.S. consumers can now savor a glass of Argentine Malbec or Chilean Carménère, grapes that were once unheard of north of the equator. We have built our reputation as the Pioneer of South American Wines and we offer a toast to our partners, supporters and all of our collective accomplishments.