The Pedaler
Inspired by the village pedaler, who defies gravity in peculiar ways, The Pedaler wines invite you to slow down and enjoy life’s amusing little quirks. The Pedaler is the perfect wine to pair with food…
Chardonnay: bright and crisp. Aromas and flavors of vanilla and green apple balanced with just a hint of oak on the finish. Perfect with turkey, chicken, pasta, seafood and soft cheeses.
Merlot: soft textured and elegant. Aromas and flavors of plum and raspberry linger into a peppery finish. Enjoy with roasted red meats, ham and spicy pasta.
Cabernet Sauvignon: velvety and complex. Flavors and aromas of cherry and blackcurrant harmonize with a dark cocoa finish. Sip with grilled red meats, red sauced pastas and firm cheeses.

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