Castillo de Monseran Evil Eye 2013

Castillo de Monseran Evil Eye 2013

The “Evil Eye” is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare.

Known as “Mal de Ojo” in Spain, many cultures throughout the world use various eye-like symbols and charms to bring good fortune and protect against the curse of Evil Eyes.

EVIL EYE is a juicy red blend from Spain that consists of Garnacha, Tempranillo and Carignan.  Produced from ancient vines by Castillo de Monseran, EVIL EYE delivers a powerful dark punch that will repel any wicked force.

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Castillo de Monseran Evil Eye 2013

Region: Castillo de Monseran

Spain is the most widely planted wine producing nation in the world, but only the third largest producer of wine due to very low yields and wide spacing of old vines.With more than sixty Denominación de Origens, or “DOs,” Spain has diverse terroir and varietals. Castillo de Monseran is located in Cariñena, Spain – the Spanish DO known as the birthplace of Garnacha. Castillo de Monseran is part of the Bodegas San Valero cooperative owned by more than 700 small independent growers with an average of 9 acres of vines, all known for their extremely low yields and exceptional quality. Castillo de Monseran’s old world charm and logo represent the traditional Spanish castles found throughout the region.


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