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You can hear people talking about paying their mortgage or debting money for a mortgage. In fact, a mortgage and a loan are separate. If you borrow money to buy a home, accept a loan from the lender. You sign a change of sola, sometimes only called note, in which you promise to repay the loan on the agreed terms. You then sign a separate document called the Mortgage, which is an instrument that gives the lender a security interest in the property you are buying. The mortgage itself is not a promise to repay the money; That`s why it`s the note. The mortgage shows the world that you have agreed that the bank may have a pawn on the property. You can bring a copy computer, or you can request that they be copied as a condition of their signature. Many of the documents created today are created on the computer. Often people who use these computers do not know what they are doing, so many mistakes.

Some mistakes are innocent, while others border on criminals. Carl Carabelli has been writing in various capacities for more than 15 years. He has used his creative writing skills to improve his other activities such as financial analysis, copywriting and various articles and opinion pieces. Carabelli earned a bachelor`s degree in communication from Seton Hall and has been active in the banking sector since 2001, particularly in the commercial credit field. A mortgage agreement contains the details of the Mortgagors and the mortgage borrower, information about the property and any additional clauses that Mortgagor must comply with during the mortgage agreement. Although home loans are commonly referred to as “mortgages,” the loan itself is not the mortgage. The mortgage is the instrument that secures credit. In California, trusts are often used in place of mortgages. Although the documents are similar, there are some differences.

Unlike a mortgage, an act of trust, for example, involves an agent of a third party. If you need copies of your mortgage, your certificate of trust, a house deed or a change of sola, you can use a few methods to obtain the documents. Most fees are charged on the page, or as extra pre-payment fees per page on a number. Some counties do not search at all and only provide copies of documents that you can already identify, so bring as much information as possible about the mortgage so that you can find the documents more easily. Ask your lender for a refund from the date you want to pay the loan. The number of payments includes the principal, interest and cancellation fees of the registration mortgage with the district official. Sir, – A word of warning to anyone following Evan O`Dwyer`s advice to send a data request to their bank to get their mortgage contract (“Not just a tracker issue,” Fiona Reddan, October 28). All mortgages, deeds and other land records are in the county register of deeds or deed recorders (these are two terms that mean the same thing). These documents are publicly available and are available to anyone who wishes to view and receive copies, provided you have the address and/or name of the owner.

However, the officer`s office will only record documents. You can receive copies of your mortgage and certificate here, but you will generally not be able to obtain copies of the note or any of the other county closing documents. Most serious lenders (brokers/banks) and securities companies give you a copy of all the documents you sign at the conclusion.

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