Termination Of Hire Purchase Agreement Form

25. The tenant has the opportunity to acquire these machines and equipment, and the option is exercised by notifying the company one month in advance. The option to purchase may be exercised from the expiry date of the agreed deadline for this contract or from an earlier date. In the first case, the tenant is required to pay the company an amount equal to the rental price of the machines and equipment referred to in the point (3), reduced by the total amount of payments up to that date or the higher rupee. In the latter case, that is, if the option to purchase is exercised before the term of the contract expires, the tenant is required to pay an amount equal to the purchase price of the rent or the balance of the rent, payable in monthly increments of the rental costs up to the date of the agreed term of the contract, since it is reduced by a discount corresponding to two thirds of an amount corresponding to the rental costs. the same share as the balance of the rental sale price that has not been due until now applies to the purchase price of the lease. 3. You did not take rental rents for the months of …………. to pay. that are payable to me. I will therefore tell you immediately if you are setting the lease and your possession of the goods contained in this agreement is no longer in possession with my consent. I here and presently invite you to return the goods mentioned at my address at your expense and to return rent arrears of rs…………

with a sum of Rs……… as agreed compensation for the shortfall under the clause………….. agreement. Users can find application forms to apply for a contract transport permit in Himachal Pradesh State. You will find application forms for the tourist transportation permit and the authorization of the contract. Information on the application procedure and the issuing authority is also provided. If the buyer has to terminate the contract, there are two possibilities: the termination of the contract will affect the final amount of the contract that will be due after the end of the contract. When the buyer terminates the contract and voluntarily returns the goods, the amount to be paid should be as high as half the amount specified in the contract, less the amount paid.

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