Anglo French Naval Agreement 1912

Of course, this assumed that in due course, pro-French cabinet members would be able to convince Parliament to declare war, essentially on the basis of an informal agreement – a remarkably lax approach to both foreign and domestic policy, even by the standards of the times. 70 Gabriele, “Convenzione navale,” pp. 493-4. 89 For the full text of the Convention, see Thomazi, Naval Warfare in the Adriatic, pp. 82-5; Storico, Ufficio, Marina italiana nella grande guerra, I, 435-9.Google Scholar The main feature of the agreement was that it recognised that the UK had full control of Egypt and France in Morocco (provided that any provisions of France for Morocco contained adequate consideration of Spain`s interests). At the same time, Britain ceded the Los Islands (before French Guinea) to France, defined Nigeria`s border in favor of France, and accepted French control of the upper Gambia Valley, while France relinquished its exclusive right to certain fisheries off Newfoundland. In addition, the zones of influence proposed by France and Great Britain in Siam (Thailand), which were eventually decided not to be colonized, were defined, the eastern areas bordering French Indochina having become a proposed French zone and the west, bordering the Burmese Tenasserim, a proposed British zone. Steps were also taken to dispel the rivalry between British and French settlers over the New Hebrides. 6 Ibid. p.

573 et seq.; Pribram, A.F., The Secreties of Austria-Hungary, English edition by Archibald Cary Coolidge (2 volumes, Cambridge, Mass., 1920-1921), I, 282-305; Google Scholar Ufficio Storico della Marina, R., La Marina italiana nella grande guerra (8 volumes, Florence, 1935-1942), I, 158-174; Google ScholarGabriele, Mariano, `Origini della convenzione navale italo-austro-germanica del 1913`, Rassegna Storica del Risorgimento, fasc. III-IV (1965), 325-44, 489-509.Google Scholar Churchill reiterated this message in discussions with important members of the cabinet: on May 6, 1912, he reminded The Minister of War Richard Burdon Haldane that the main maritime confrontation of the next war in the North Sea would take place, not the Mediterranean. 8 Laurens, A.O.A. pp. 48-51; Thomazi, A., La Guerre navale dans l`Adriatique (Paris, 1927), p. 35-6.Google Scholar 14 Thomazi, op. cit. Cit. Pp. 67-8, 72. On December 20, the Curia was sunk while trying to penetrate pola.

See also Laurens, Naval Command, pp. 56-7, 64-5. 112 marten, portrait of an admiral, p. 162-3. Among others, see Salaun, French Navy, p. . . .

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