Brunswick Academic Collaboration Agreement

This series of model agreements aims to accelerate the start of the study, improve the speed of industry-sponsored clinical trials and enable NHS patients to access innovative treatments faster. The aim of the model agreements is to maximise innovation and promote cooperation with industry and knowledge sharing. The keystone of the 7 model research cooperation agreements is that at least one commercial “partner” (called a collaborator) has the right to use the results of the project on a non-exclusive basis to promote the exploitation of the results and, therefore, innovation. Agreements must be a viable and reasonable compromise for both parties or for all parties. Nihr wishes to ensure that the research it supports is conducted in an environment that promotes maximum dissemination and, where appropriate, exploitation of the results. It is therefore important for NIHR to know who is involved in the research and how this relationship is managed. In this regard, contractors should be aware that NIHR may wish to review all cooperation agreements prior to execution to ensure that they are in line with the NIHR research contract. The standard research contract requires organizations to disclose agreements with third parties and to ensure that no agreement prevents organizations from complying with the contractual terms. The 7 types of research cooperation agreements cover individual projects. Each proposes a different approach to who should own and use the intellectual property of the results or results of the project. A decision guide helps you decide which agreement you can use.

Consortium agreements may not cover all circumstances that may arise between academic and research institutions and industrial partners in carrying out research. They illustrate terms that could be applied in four possible scenarios. They should negotiate with the other parties in order to reach a consensus and a signed agreement before work on the project begins. The original agreements, developed by the Brunswick Group, have been revised and updated by an initiative sponsored by the Russell Group. To find the full list of organizations that have signed up to use these templates, click here…

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