Charity Commission Non Disclosure Agreement

When, last year, it was announced that Mr Hughes would resign in April 2020, the charity had to deny that his departure was linked to allegations of harassment that had emerged on social media via a website that was subsequently deleted. BARCELONA (F) — Whistleblowers are concerned about the use of confidentiality agreements in the global development and humanitarian sector, with some saying they are being used to crack down on allegations of misconduct. According to a whistleblowing complaint reported by the Guardian, the Alzheimer Society had spent up to £750,000 on payments to employees who agreed to sign confidentiality agreements. The article proposed that NDAs could have been used to silence allegations of staff harassment. The charity commission says it has found no evidence that the confidentiality clauses used by the country`s largest charity were intended to prevent or prevent employees whistling about harassment, harassment or discrimination. After the revelations of the #MeToo movement, it is understandable that the NDAS have aroused wide controversy. Those entering into such agreements are therefore well advised to carefully assess the risks and obtain technical legal advice on the effects. The same applies to anyone wishing to disclose information that is part of an existing confidential transaction. Not all disclosures are contrary to NDSAs, but it`s important to seek legal advice to ensure you stay on the safe side of your obligations. This also avoids any unnecessary situation of disclosure. In many cases, the current mechanisms do not work, according to the whistleblower.

If the highest level of management an employee can turn to is the charity`s board of directors and they allow UNEN to be used to cover up mistakes, “they will usually get away with it.” Instead, they proposed that there be a total ban on the use of NDAs and “buying silence through charitable means.” A former executive at the charity added: “The Commission took little more than two months, while many of its investigations into such complex issues rightly take much longer. Did they rush a superficial investigation because they did not react correctly in the first place? The charity has also initiated an independent review of its procedures for preventing concerns. . . .

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