Dalhousie Collective Agreement

27.17 – In the event that the Board of Directors declares the need to reduce the bargaining unit`s salary budget, as set out in clause 27.15, an Oversight Committee will be established to monitor the status of members` financial needs. The committee is composed of two members appointed by the association, two members appointed by the board and a chair elected by the scientific staff committee of another university. In the absence of an agreement on the selection of a Chair within ten days, Dr. Kenneth Ozmon or a person elected by him or her will be Chair. The current collective of maritime resident doctors includes an overall salary increase of 5.5% over three years. The increases are as follows: 1.5% on 1 and 18 July, 0.5% on 30 and 19 June, 1.5% on 1 and 19 July, 0.5% on 30 and 20 June, 1.5% on 1 and 20 July. The parties agree that academic freedom implies an appropriate responsibility on the part of members to use their freedom responsibly, taking due account of the rights of others, the tasks appropriate to the appointment of the university member and the well-being of society. Academic freedom does not confer legal immunity, either inside or outside Dalhousie University, or impede collective self-management and peer review, as conducted or approved by the Senate or other academic, research or professional associations within or outside Dalhousie University. Academic freedom does not require neutrality on the part of individuals. On the contrary, academic freedom allows for engagement. 20.09 – With the agreement of the member concerned and in accordance with the guidelines and procedures that exist in the departments or other units to set a normal teaching load and set a normal administrative load, the Dean may authorize or approve: “All associations throughout the country and all universities throughout the country have learned in this pandemic, that you need to be prepared for these kinds of situations and that you need to include language in your agreements about it,” van Bommel said.

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