Definition Naval Agreement

However, for Britain, this should be the beginning of arms control agreements that should limit Germany`s expansion. This agreement was considered highly controversial by many other nations, as the tonnage ratio gave Germany the power to produce a navy far superior to what the Treaty of Versailles had allowed. It was also conducted without prior consultations with Italy or France. The London Naval Conference of 1930 was the third in a series of five meetings created with the aim of limiting the naval capacity of the world`s largest maritime powers. British complacency could never be bought by acting against one another, and any country that tried to do so would create disappointment and disillusionment, as Germany did. [59] “Marshal Göring`s threat that Germany could, under certain circumstances, probably after the denunciation of the Anglo-German naval agreement of 1935, build up to 100% of the British fleet, is clearly bluff [highlighted in the original]. . . .

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