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Thank you. I could easily download Index II. We only have to enter a 4-digit number, except for the year of registration indicated on index II. (If the receipt number is 3445-2012, enter the document number only as 3445.) Please do not index -II from 2002 can be downloaded on this link. Before 2002, you must ask the SRO office to exhibit the same one that you cannot download Index II of 1982. You have to go to the SRO office where the document is saved and get index II, as I download index 2 form for pune bhawani peth 1996 All the data physically available in the SR offices of 1985 are very useful online for Mumbai city and suburb thanks to a lot. but I get “This document is not available in memory for download.” Any idea of what to do? Only the full agreement can be downloaded for MUMBAI. Index -II can be downloaded for the whole of Maharashtra. Hello link provided does not work I want to copy the agreement and index II for an apartment in Pune. Please provide a new link if you have it. The entire contract is not indicated after 30 to 45 minutes with code / reference. Hello, I can download my entire apartment from the site, it only displays index 2 Hello, I can see index II for real estate that was registered in July-2015, but I do not receive a download document option. Registration for SRO Kurla 5.

Please help us. Dear Sir, index ii for the years 1994 &2000 online where we have to fill out some forms and apply to the SRO. Your help is appreciated. Can I get Index II online for a property that was registered in Pune in 1987 There are two following options that allow you to check and download Index II. In index 2, the details of the property have been recorded with all the details, including the surface of the flat carpet and the flat surface of the balcony. In the column: “Khetrafal” or zone: The Clark only wrongly typed the flat carpet area and did not add the balcony area. Pls. advises the process to correct this optimally. The agreement will only be registered 3 days ago. Index II was issued by registrars for documents registered in 2005 (certificate of sale).

I downloaded Index II online. Can I use this index II generated online to register my next certificate of sale in 2016 if I sell my property? how to download Index II for real estate registered in Bhynder. How about index2 for real estate on July 24, 2001? Can I download it? Can I get Index II online for a property registered in 1987 in Ulhasnagar -5 and arriving in Dist Thane?????? You can obtain another copy of Index II from the same SRO branch by providing the application form to the SRO office It takes 15 days before the contract register in 1987 I cannot download the document and index II. I receive the following error exception in the document number search: Object return is not attached to an instance of an object. &Contact SRO….

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