It all starts with a dream…

Behind every success is a story of struggle. When Alex Guarachi came to the United States from Chile in 1985 on a soccer scholarship, an injury shattered his athletic dreams. Rather than wallow in his misfortune, he saw an opportunity to go back to his roots and pursue his other passion – wine.

While living in the heart of California wine country, he saw that wine from South America was virtually unknown and not readily available.  Alex jumped at the opportunity to fill the gap and educate the American consumer on the amazing wines of his home country.  Out of his garage, Alex was salesman, warehouse manager, marketing, and truck driver rolled into one. Years later, he built his company into a leading importer, marketer and producer of fine wines.

Through the years, Guarachi Wine Partners has achieved numerous accolades including Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards, Wine Spectator Top 100s and an Impact ‘Hot Brand” award.  Guarachi Wine Partners is now the #1 Importer of South American wines above $10 in the U.S., represents brands from around the world, and has seen success developing its own innovative brands. In addition, our multiple award-winning and highly rated luxury brand that bares the founder’s name – Guarachi Family Wines leads our luxury portfolio.

Because of Guarachi’s vision in 1985, U.S. wine consumers can now savor a glass of Argentine Malbec or Chilean Carménère, that were once unheard of north of the equator as well as California Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, red blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. Guarachi has built its reputation as the Pioneer of South American Wines and now looks to the future with its own brands.

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