Nobilissima DOCG Chianti 2016

Nobilissima DOCG Chianti 2016

The vineyard is at 250 meters above sea level, with a single-arched and spurred cordon system and 80 quintals yield per hectare. The grapes average age is 25 years old. The production area is Chianti in Toscana, a well-known zone for rich and elegant red wines. The territory is calcareous and clayey, the climate is temperate and continental with cold winters, hot and windy summers, and poor rainfalls.


VARIETALS: 100% Sangiovese


AGING: Soft pressing fermentation lasts about 10-12 days

ALCOHOL: 13.0 %

TASTING NOTES:An intense red ruby color with purple hints, that tend to garnet with aging. The bouquet is wide and vinous, with warm and mature fruit aromas and lightly spicy hints. The body is full and round, well-balanced with red fruit aromas, soft tannins, and a long lasting aftertaste. Well-matched with tomato-based pastas and red spicy grilled meat.

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Nobilissima DOCG Chianti 2016


Crafted from the historic IGT Delle Venezie, Chianti DOCG and Prosecco DOC regions, Nobilissima is a reflection of the legendary spirit of Italy. A wine that personifies nobility and style, Nobilissima introduces an authentic taste of Italian flavor, sophistication and culture to the U.S. consumer. Nobilissima’s authenticity is further accentuated by its elegant packaging, which pays homage to the protector of Venice – a winged lion that sits atop the majestic eastern column in the Piazzetta di San Marco and has come to symbolize the strength and pride of its people.

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