Uncorked Chardonnay

Uncorked Chardonnay

Look, I’m not saying you should stockpile as much of this wine as possible for every single time you have people over. But I’m also not…not saying that. Keeping a chilled bottle (or four) of this peachy, pineapple-y refreshing-ness in the fridge makes up for the fact that the only other thing in there is a single expired yogurt.

How it drinks: tropical fruit flavors with touches of peach and pear, and a buttery balance leading to a smooth, rich finish.

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Uncorked Chardonnay

Region: Uncorked By Cosmopolitan

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Uncorked by Cosmopolitan is a non-boring, mouth-watering collection of wines perfect for everyday drinking (or drinking every day, no judgement!). Each bottle was taste-tested (it was so, so hard) and hand-picked by Cosmopolitan editors. We present to you the fruits (heh) of our labor.

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