Uncorked Pinot Noir

Uncorked Pinot Noir

Step 1: Twist open the bottle and pour into your fanciest wine glass

Step 2: Swish the cherry and strawberry flavors across your tongue

Step 3: Pause momentarily to contemplate quitting your real life to move to a vineyard and stomp grapes for a living

Step 4: Find a bigger glass

How it drinks: well-structured with perfect balance. Cherry, raspberry, and strawberry fruit flavors on the nose and palate.

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Uncorked Pinot Noir

Region: Uncorked By Cosmopolitan

Find at your nearest Lowe’s Foods.

Uncorked by Cosmopolitan is a non-boring, mouth-watering collection of wines perfect for everyday drinking (or drinking every day, no judgement!). Each bottle was taste-tested (it was so, so hard) and hand-picked by Cosmopolitan editors. We present to you the fruits (heh) of our labor.

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