Sting Practical Agreement

Thank you, Jan. I can`t think of a better way to be discovered. What do you think of Sting`s version? And BTW, I had friendly words about Kurt`s announcement. Am I going to give Zed Leppelin a chance? It is rare that I do not keep moving forward. But I must admit that I appreciate my prejudice more if it is unfounded. Make it cuter, sort of. I like to brag that I`ve never seen the movie The Sound of Music. But I promise to see this song. As soon as I can stop hearing Boz Scaggs! It`s an old message that I know, but you might be interested in listening to Anne Sohie`s version of Anne Sohie`s Mother-Brooklyn Rider, which came out the same year, I think… my ear to the ear…. When I heard all this a hundred times, from a man who said he loved me. But if we came to an agreement, a practical arrangement, I could learn to love you when you were given time.

I`m not promising the moon. I`m not promising a rainbow. It`s a practical solution for a lonely life. My son prepared a Branford Marsalis/Kurt Elling concert for me last Friday at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. If he didn`t know exactly what was in store for him, BS knows him mainly because of his fantastic contributions to the album Nothing like the Sun. And yes, I like Sting! But what happened is almost exactly what you describe here. Most importantly, a song blew my mind – at the time, I didn`t know it was a practical arrangement, or that it was written by Sting – and I spent part of my Saturday researching what it was. That`s how I stumbled on your site, and it cost me almost the rest of my weekend. I can`t say I`ve still read all your articles, but it was a huge experience and often a trip down the memory trail to read your very well written and informative reviews. Not to mention listening to the music and watching the video on which you recorded links. Thank you very much.

And a request. You`re saying somewhere that you missed most of the 70s of music and probably the hardest stuff of rock. But as you appreciate emotions and skill, you give a very unlikely volume a try. Led Zeppelin and since I love you since the 3rd album. A song I can`t hear without my eyes getting wet. Beautiful guitars and vocals, discreet, but extremely effective drums and magnificent organ and arrangement, with a construction and a highlight quite unthinkable for boys in their twenties then. We look forward to your comments! So I listen to Kurt Elling`s latest album (2016), “Upward Spiral”, a collaboration with the quartet of saxophonist Branford Marsalis. And the fourth track there stops me in my footsteps. “Practical Arrangement,” a painfully slow, painfully needed, almost spoken monologue of a man who proposes to a woman to marry him, to live with him, even if both know that she does not love him.

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